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Anilao, Philippines is justifiably one of the most famous marine critter and fish species locations anywhere on earth. Few locations can serve up the diversity of macro and wide angle. Most dives are just a few minutes off shore. Anilao is quite easy to get to - no matter where you might be traveling from, making it one of the best underwater imaging workshop locations to be found anywhere.

We will be staying at the beautiful Aiyanar resort. A peaceful hillside resort next to the water with minimal influence from the outside world. Their wonderful staff will cater to your every need for the week. Their dive guides are amazing and can often find your requested subjects. I will be offering daily photo and Lightroom instruction and Reef Photo staff will also be available for hands-on training throughout the event.

Don’t miss your chance to join us! To sign up and for more information, click on the Reef Photo link below.

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