2:1 Guide Ratio in Lembeh Strait

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Lembeh Strait in Indonesia is world famous for its weird and wonderful muck critters. It is the perfect spot for macro and WAM! images (wide angle macro), but there is also wall diving, black water and big fish dives.

NAD-Lembeh Resort is owner-operated with 15 full-time guides with years of diving experience in Lembeh. Price includes transfer from Manado to the resort, nitrox, and 26 daytime boat dives. The resort offers a 2:1 diver to guide ratio. I will be offering daily photo and Lightroom instruction and Reef Photo staff will also be available for hands-on training. Dive packages include 3 meals per day, hot drinks and water, evening dinner on the day of arrival, and breakfast on the day of departure. The dives stated in the package are day boat dives only. Dives are non-transferrable and unused dives non-refundable. The resort does offer specialty dives for those that are interested: night dives, mandarin fish dives, and black-water dives for an additional fee. Minimum of 2 divers to book.

Don’t miss your chance to join us! To sign up and for more information, click on the Reef Photo link below.

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