“The spin shot is one of the easier motion shots to pull off because you create the movement by spinning the camera and not relying on the subject to move through your frame to show motion. It works well with static subjects but I have also used it on sharks and other moving subjects. Shots like this tend to do quite well in shoot out style photo contests, especially if only minimal editing is allowed. I wouldn’t want it to be the only shot I entered, but it’s a great addition after you’ve nailed the traditional macro and wide angle shots.
The shot is essentially a slow shutter ambient lit image with a strobe lit foreground. Because the strobe fires on and off in such a quick burst, any part of the subject lit by the strobe will be sharp just like it was shot with a fast shutter speed. The remaining ambient exposer continues to capture the movement of the camera until the rear curtain closes.
Excerpt From: Todd Winner. “Underwater.” Apple Books. 
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